Shennelle Bingham

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Shennelle Bingham is a multidisciplinary artist who creates to inspire change in the environment. She does community service in her school and community through a major theme in her work for breaking barriers and changing circumstances.

Personal Statement

I believe in breaking the barriers and creating one's own future. I also believe that there are standards put in place by society in which one is forced to believe one must follow. This is one theory I've not only researched but experienced myself in which I have become fond of going into depth with. It has sparked my interest from the novels I have encountered and analyzed. To further progress I will do whatever I can to break the barriers placed around my life, so as I experiment with resources I have access to I will challenge my surroundings. My goal is being someone to look up to and not feeding into society's own

Now I am older and have destroyed the idea of doing what I've been told my whole life which is to find something I am passionate about and do what you're passionate about in order to feel satisfied but now I know how much passion is not limited to the box it is placed in. Of course people are supposed to have dreams and passion but what people are never told is that sometimes when you turn yourself to one passion will not lead you to success or fulfillment. It is supposed to be fine to think outside the box and it is definitely supposed to be perfectly fine to be creative and destroy that box.

Main task

As an Othernet engineer one of my main task is to manage the social media side whilst getting the community involved.


May 13,2018

At Othernet orientation we discuss how we plan to create a safe internet space for the community. Dhruv explains what the main mission of the Othernet is and goes over the individual tasks for the upcoming months.

May 19,2018

Packet Sniffing workshop Surya Mattu is a jornalism residence at the Eyebeam Residence space. In his short but effective class on Saturday May 19,2018 he explained how the internet actually works. The internet as we know is a very complex place in which anything is possible.

May 26,2018

After getting a great walking tour by Ingrid Burrington it made better sense of the book Networks of New York. The walking tour was a better eye opening experience that allowed us to slow down and look around.

Networks of New York

Networks of New York is essentially a guiding tool through infrastructures in New York City .

It makes you see the internet’s physicality.

In Progress

The othernet represents this community of experimentation. Everyday as we speak it is expanding .