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A domain name is some text that defines a realm of autonomy on the internet. In general, a domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, such as a server or a personal computer. For example the domain name blog.othernet.xyz represents an IP address serving up this PHP application over Apache.

The Othernet Context

We allow anyone on our network to host content at the domain name of their choosing. On the internet participants have a limited domain space. TLD's like .com or .net are purchased for thousands of dollars. To host your content on a .com TLD requires paying money to domain name providers like go daddy. On the Othernet you can define a neighbor can choose their own TLD and host their content there for free.


This is confusing, but here are some examples.


Jessica is a poet who lived on the block where the first Othernet was located. On the Othernet she hosted all of her poetry under the TLD .jessica . blackbird-attic.jessica was where she hosted a poem. She had a collection of poetry at JessicasPoetry.Jessica


posts.othernet is where we index and list all of the content on the Othernet.


The .forsale TLD is where we host all posts that are selling an item. For example if I were selling my ford escape I might make a posting about it and host it at my-ford-escape.forsale


Development for LiteList/Street Post