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This is a wiki for the development of The Othernet in Bushwick

What is the Othernet

The internet is a large communication network comprised of smaller networks. Its power is obvious – communication over great distances of wire has enabled virtual communities to come together, organize, share, and create. However, in our excitement about wide area communications we have neglected the local area, the physical communities in which our infrastructure lives. While the internet continues to develop into a tool for institutional control and corporate surveillance, I believe that the local area network can function as a site for resistance and coalition building

The Othernet began with a vision of internet islands: a world of tiny independent networked communities with their own character and rules. Its a project about the possibility of escape from systems that seem inevitable. A practical course of action for reclaiming the potential of networks that are shaped by the communities they serve.

Currently supported by Eyebeam and the Risk Economics Lab at NYU