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The Othernet Engineers are the local administrators who work to design and build the Othernet.

Flyer Designed by Scott Draft
Flyer Designed by Scottl Draft


In March Othernet began to post and hand out flyers at schools in order to recruit motivated high school students to join our team. Othernet was looking for four motivated high-school students (17 -21) to help rebuild the internet for their neighborhood. What does this mean? Imagine an internet that was only for your community — a neighborhood-wide-web full of sites submitted by you, your friends, neighbors, and family. What would this internet island look like?

This is a paid ( $15/hr ) 3-4 month long commitment that requires approximately 5 hours of work a week ( perhaps more in the summer ). Many of these hours will be in workshops where engineers will learn: how the internet works, how to get started programming a computer, how to set up a network, No previous Technical Experience is required.

Together we will collaborate to answer questions about: ownership of data, censorship, and content moderation. This position will require active participation.


Our Engineers are aged 16-25 and have been hired through the generous support of Mozilla.

Shennelle Bingham

Shennelle Bingham is a multidisciplinary artist who creates to inspire change in the environment. She does community service in her school and community through a major theme in her work for breaking barriers and changing circumstances. Read more about Shennelle Bingham

Danasia Robinson

Danasia Robinson is a teenage gamer and a coder born and raised in Brooklyn, New York who has a great passion for computer science and the graphic arts. Robinson is interested in how emotions are intertwined with games and how they are created to vividly provoke feelings and reactions from the player. Robinson hopes to continue her education towards college and eventually obtain her masters in computer science. In her spare time, Robinson enjoys listening to music, making animations, reading books, and aimlessly writing. Robinson also tends to disrupt website pages and change the code around. Read more about Danasia Robinson

Jose Diaz

Jose Díaz is a BA/MA Track student that is majoring in Latino Studies and Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU. As a student, he is seeking to discover the narratives that intersect between, race, class, and gender, and how these links could provide the nexus for social parity within social movements. Read more about Jose Díaz

Devon Robinson

Devon Robinson is a Network Technician at Coalition Space, Robinson assist tenants and employees with computer and networking related issues. Previously, Robinson worked as an paraprofessional and AfterSchool teacher for the board of education. After a successful career of helping teachers and students Robinson now looks to combine his experiences with networking and teaching so he can shares his knowledge with students of the Othernet. Just like anybody else when Devon isn’t working he occupies his time by shooting hoops, gaming, being social and traveling.

Logan Best

Logan Best is a Senior Network/Infrastructure Engineer for Webair and Network Engineer for NYC Mesh. Logan has almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry, with most of that being Application and Web Development. His current day to day involves architecting and engineering dark fiber rings, cloud infrastructure/networking/automation, network and security automation and monitoring, troubleshooting high level network and systems problems, and training of staff.

Job Requirements

The Othernet Engineering program hires and trains local network administrators. As such there are concrete job requirements and deliverables.

Pair Programming

The tech team will pair program and will fill out terms on this blog. This team is comprised of Dhruv Mehrotra, Andy Gimma, Devon Robinson, Danasia Robinson (not related). Pair programming will consist of sitting together to talk through programming problems related to Litelist/StreetPost, as well as creating websites for community members.

Weekly Updates

Each week the Engineers will post an update to the slack, as well as update their individual pages on this wiki to reflect what they have done.


Documentation takes the form of defining terms and creating pages for this Wiki, as well as posting about our progress on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/bushwick.othernet).

Community Outreach

Spanish Translation



Photo from Orientation l Draft

Orientation began May 13. This sessions involved an overview of the othernet project ( see Timeline ). The session also saw a lively discussion of the lack of representation on the internet, and strategized on how to make a respectful inclusive network. Devon Robinson lead a workshop about introductory networking. And Dhruv Mehrotra spoke about seeing infrastructure. We talked bout managing expectations, and generally got to know eachother.

Packet Sniffing Workshop

This workshop took place Saturday May 19 at Eyebeam. It was lead by Surya Mattu. This workshop is ideal for those who are interested in learning how to packet sniff or learn what that even means. We will use Herbivore, an open source tool that demystifies the world of network packets for the uninitiated. A handful of packet sniffing libraries and desktop applications already exist for analyzing network packets, but they were designed for people who have programming experience or a network engineering background; they were not designed as educational tools for people without technical backgrounds. In this workshop we will go through the basics of what packet sniffing means, run through a few exercises and let you try it out.

Infrastructure Walking Tour

Took place on Monday 5/20. The Internet is everywhere if you look hard enough. This infrastructure walking tour, inspired and lead by Ingrid Burrington, was a walking tour for the Othernet Engineers to try and see the cloud.

Networks of New York

Using New York as her point of reference and more than fifty color illustrations as her map, Burrington takes us on a tour of the urban network: she decodes spray-painted sidewalk markings, reveals the history behind cryptic manhole covers, shuffles us past subway cameras and giant carrier hotels, and peppers our journey with background stories about the NYPD’s surveillance apparatus, twentieth-century telecommunication monopolies, high frequency trading on Wall Street, and the downtown building that houses the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Command Line Bootcamp

Network Uptime Bot with Node

Code of Conduct

  • I will exhibit respect for my fellow colleagues at all times (even in cases of disagreement)
  • I will respect the provided equipment and use it only for the intended purposes of the program under supervision from Othernet.
  • I will bring a willingness to engage, learn and share knowledge with fellow students.
  • I will communicate with supervisors about any problems and/or concerns that arise during the program.
  • During discussions, I will be fully engaged (actively listening / taking notes) even if I feel like I have nothing to contribute to the conversation.
  • I will take notes during all lectures
  • I will document assigned tasks on blog.othernet.xyz.
  • I will complete all assigned tasks.
  • I will use welcoming and inclusive language
  • I will be respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences
  • I will gracefully accept constructive criticism
  • I will focusing on what is best for the community
  • I will show empathy towards other community members