Devon Robinson

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Devon Robinson is a Network Technician at Coalition Space, Robinson assist tenants and employees with computer and networking related issues. Previously, Robinson worked as an paraprofessional and AfterSchool teacher for New York City Department Of Education. After a successful career of helping teachers and students Robinson now looks to combine his experiences with networking and teaching so that he can shares his knowledge with students of the Othernet. When Devon isn’t working he occupies his time by shooting hoops, gaming, being social and traveling.


May 13, 2018

Today was orientation and a lot was discussed such as goals, task, and ideas. Lead by Dhruv he gave us a clear understanding of what’s to come and what he expects from the team. Everyone is stoke about the project at hand and can’t wait to get the ball rolling. My role with the othernet will be to use my vibrant personality to assist with community outreach. I’ll also be assisting with the technical aspects as well.

Infrastructure Walking Tour

Installation at POWRPLNT