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Danasia Robinson is a teenage gamer and a coder born and raised in Brooklyn, New York who has a great passion for computer science and the graphic arts. Robinson is interested in how emotions are intertwined with games and how they are created to vividly provoke feelings and reactions from the player. Robinson hopes to continue her education towards college and eventually obtain her masters in computer science. In her spare time, Robinson enjoys listening to music, making animations, reading books, and aimlessly writing. Robinson also tends to disrupt website pages and change the code around.

The internet is a multiplex space that is filled with many possibilities and dangers!- Danni

Achievements and Experiences

Robinson has interned with a plethora of arts organizations in Brooklyn such as Art Ready, Groundswell Mural Project and NURTUREart. She is currently a high school Junior attending Urban Assembly. This past spring, Robinson was the recipient of an award for an essay she wrote for her school’s seventeen minute walk out. In this essay she addresses the complexity of blame for bullying and violent shootings within school campuses. Robinson received the title for Best Student Counselor from her school’s administration for her dedication to students and community service. Robinson has a great interest for anything dealing the with computer and the works of it. As well as she is a big fan of the graphic arts, and love to see the different uses of it.


May 13

Othernet engineers gathered for a orientation, to get to know one another. As well as go over basic guideline, expectations, and assigned tasks. The group took a break chatted with one another for sometime before resuming to meeting.

May 19

Attended a Packet Sniffing workshop, hosted by Surya Mattu, a journalist residence at the Eyebeam Residence space.During his class on Saturday he explained how the internet actually works, what sniffing packets are, explain how to use herbivore and etc. Robinson also attended Ari Melenciano class, in Ari's class she taught the structures and basic tools for making bots, especially twitter bots. Both classes were very educational and interactive.

May 26

Previously reading the book " Networks of New York ", OtherNet interns toured Manhattan for an awesome tour by Ingrid Burrington about the power lines and its connections. The walking tour was allowed us to take in our surround and keep an eye for the little things such as sidewalk markings,cell towers( which are pretty hard to spot),and manhole covers.


Danasia will be handling the glossary, adding and updating words user may not know of or not know the term of. She will be also pair programming with Dhruv Mehrotra and Andy Gimma